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about myself

I am a Hamburg-based street photographer. I like to be out and about in the streets, being a part of the crowd, involved and spontaneous. My photos are in colour, because my reality is colourful.


I am member of Fotoclub Ahrensburg,, the Masterclass 2021 of Andreas Herzau and Hamburg-Ambassador of 24hoursorg. 2021 I organized the in Hamburg. 2023 I organized and curated the BETWEEN-WORLDS-Exhibition with over 150 photos on display and talks with Sean Tucker, Siegfried Hansen and  Maik Kroner. My longtime Projekt is a documentary about Wilhelmsburg/Germany.


My photos have been selecect as a finalist at Blende 2021, Womenstreetphotographers2022, ExhibartStreetContest2022, Miamistreetphotofestival2022 and THE WALL 2022..

They had been exhibited in several exhibitions in Hamburg, in Cyprus, Glasgow, Miami, Milano, New York and Teheran and have been printed in, SOUL_OF_STREET, PHOTOGRAPHIE and DVF-Journal.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht!

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